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  5. Wilderness Tips Zachari Logan

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    sigrid rødli

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    Aiguille du Midi viewing area (part of the Mont Blanc range), Chamonix, France. Follow me on my new facebook page for a chance to win a free print!

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    Caleb Charland doesn’t use your average lighting set up for his photographs. Instead, he harnesses the power within fruits, vegetables, and other foods. 

    His latest project was powered by a single orange, which used iron nails to conduct the electricity. The photo above required a 14 hour exposure! 

    Photos of Homegrown Organic Batteries

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    Floating Plastic Bodies Terrorize Vulnerable Landscapes

    Photographer Andrew Brodhead describes his photos series as a comment on the ubiquity of plastic in nature. “There are islands of plastic taking over the oceans, the earth is suffocating from plastic that never biodegrades, and our water and environment are leaching toxic estrogenic compounds. Visually, I want to convey the sacrifice we have made by our consumption and waste. The wrapped bodies represent invasive cocoons floating over vulnerable landscapes.”


  14. Human Level (HL001): rRoxymore — “Wheel of Fortune”

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    Cassette Art by Benoit Jammes

    When technological advances seem to happen almost daily it’s a struggle to find uses for old items that have now become redundant. With some clever chopping and remixing, Benoit’s playful portraits throw cassette tapes in to a whole variety of situations that they would never have found themselves in during the 80’s.

    Artists: | Website | Flickr | 500px | [via: Zilla Mag]

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